Stockton Dentures

an attractive elderly couple who have been treated at stockton denturesDentures are a very natural looking replacement for teeth that have been lost to tooth decay, injury, or gum disease.  Dentures are unique because unlike crowns and bridges, which are always cemented on permanently, dentures are removable.

Why Choose Dentures?

  1. Natural Appearance: Dentures are made of porcelain or acrylic resin, and they mimic the appearance of natural teeth quite beautifully.
  2. Facial Structure: Your teeth provide support to the muscles and bones of the face.  When teeth are missing, the lips and cheeks tend to cave in.  A denture can help restore some fullness and shape to these areas.
  3. Ability to Eat: Dentures will restore a sufficient amount of chewing and biting force.  In this regard, there is no substitute for the functionality of natural teeth, but dentures will allow you to comfortably eat most foods.
  4. Health Considerations:  For those who have insufficient bone density to support dental implants, dentures are the best option.
  5. Cost: Dentures are a cost effective choice for obtaining a full set of replacement teeth.

Types of Dentures

a complete denture for the bottom arch of the mouth1. Complete Dentures or “full” dentures cover an entire arch of the mouth, top or bottom, replacing all the teeth in either arch – usually 14.  Full dentures are held in place by their natural suction to the gums.  Some sort of adhesive such as Fixodent or Polygrip can be used for additional stability.

2. Partial Dentures replace this is a partial that be made at stockton denturessome of the teeth in an arch, but not all of the them.  You usually need at least 2 remaining teeth that are stable to support a partial denture.  Partial dentures can have a metal framework that attaches onto the remaining teeth.  This holds the denture in place.

stockton dentures - implant supported denture3. Implant Supported Dentures:  Both complete dentures and partial dentures can be anchored to the gums with dental implants.  There are several advantages to this approach.  Because the denture is secured in place, unwanted movement is eliminated, and there is no need for adhesives.  It also adds strength to your chewing and biting force, so it may be easier to eat certain foods like corn on the cob or whole apples.

4. Immediate Dentures are placed in the mouth the same day that the remaining teeth are extracted, so there is no stretch of time that you are without your teeth.  An immediate denture will need to be readjusted 2-4 months later because the gums tend to shrink after multiple extractions have been done.